Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
You only live beautifully!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Right Now : Challenges

So our bathroom is all demolished.
The trades are all booked.
The builder came yesterday and dropped off all the wood to start today.
Then at 7am this morning we got the call to say that our poor
builder who is 72 has put his back out!

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason.
So now Mr O is on the search for a builder at short notice.
It certainly is a challenge!

Yesterday I started juicing.
I certainly ate my way through Christmas.
So now its time to make a change.
Juicing I have found is best started slowly as it can knock you around as you detox.
So I plan to start with juicing one meal a day and work up to two.
Then three meals.
I am hoping to go on a 4 day fasting and juicing retreat the middle of February 
(depending on how the bathroom renovation goes)  
so I am slowly working my way towards a healthier slimmer me.

Here is yesterdays juice : 

2 medium carrots
2 apples
1 medium beetroot
1/2 fresh lime
1 piece of ginger 2cm by 1cm
Feed all ingredients through the juicer, stir and is yummy and very filling.

Right now here is my work table:

I am finishing off a few shop orders before I start some new designs.
Master O still has a week of school holidays so I am not fully back into the swing of things yet.
I did however just design these new Kindle or Mini Ipad cases.

I have just received this great book it is all about making paper flowers 
but I think it is going to inspire
me greatly with some new felt flower designs.
I am looking forward to painting some felt and trying out some new designs.

Aren't these paper flowers just gorgeous.

I cannot wait to start these new designs.
My fingers are itching!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Change comes from thinking thoughts you've never thought before.
Showing up to meet them down streets you've never walked before.

2014 is here and I feel for my family it is going to be a year of change.
The changes that will be coming about are across the board in our lives
and I although I am excited about change I am also a little scared.
I think we often look at change as a bad thing, 
when more often than not change is a good thing.

I read the other day :

Making a big life change is pretty scary.
But you know whats even scarier ?

 For the past few years I have a motto or a saying that I think will help me 
stay positive through the year.

Last year it was:

"Don't look back your not going that way"

I loved this motto as it was so true for last year and building
up my craft business and not returning to a career I had, had most of my life.

The year before it was:

"You only live once, live beautifully"

As I looked for a new motto this year among hundreds of change sayings.
This lovely simple one struck my heart as the right one for me.

Make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change

It sounds simple but for Mr O and I change is big as we are not real risk takers so
 taking a chance on something new can be scary.

We came home from holiday a few days ago and the first change occurred.
A very exciting change.
Mr O started to demolish our bathroom.
We only have one bathroom so this change I am sure will have its ups and downs.
But the builders, the plumbers the tilers are all booked.
So hopefully weeks from now my bathroom has moved on from what it looks like right now
and changed into an amazing new space.

 Do you have a motto or a saying that suits your life right now ?
I would love it if you would share it with me.