Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Red & Cream

I just love this Red and Cream Blanket.
It was a wonderful find at the OP Shop.
They wanted $25.00 for it but it had a few stains so they
 sold it to me for $15.00 .
Napi San managed to get most of the stains out.
I have made several Hot Water Bottle Covers and Purses out of it.
I made my last Hot water Bottle Cover out of it last week.
So I decided to make a set and do a matching Purse.
I added a ribbon with spots and a lining with spots.

Mr Hottie has already found a new home.
The purse is for sale in my online shop.

Last week I got my new labels.
I am so very happy with them.
They come from Fancy Weaver who live in Hong Kong.
They will ship anywhere in the world for free.
 You can get 250 labels for $45.00 USD.
They have numerous colours to choose from and hundreds of fonts.
They were most helpful and I had my labels within 2 weeks of ordering.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the labels, I have wanted some for ages but didn't know where to begin looking for a supplier. You are obviously very clever with your sewing machine - I have zipper envy, I can never get them in right!

  2. Very nice labels and hottie cover and purse. cheers Marie

  3. Hey Alex, love the hottie cover and the purse is so cute, love the lining fabric.

    Great blanket too. I made another couple of hottie covers today, but I'm getting through this new blanket pretty quick. I'll be sorry when it's all used up as the colours are lovely.

    Great labels, they really finish it off.

    Claire :}