Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Still going strong

I am still detoxing.
I will confess I have had a couple of naughty foods.
Such as mothers day when my boys took me out to brunch and I just had to have bacon.
But 99% of the time I have stayed true to my no wheat, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine detox.
A book that has truly helped me is the REVIVE COOK BOOK.

This book is full of wonderful recipes.
I cannot say enough about this book.
It is on special at the moment.

I missed This Moment on Sunday.
Which was a shame as a major event happened this week that I just have to mention.
Master O is in a mini basketball team.
They are the youngest team in his school to ever play basketball.
They won there league last Wednesday .
What proud happy boys and girls they were.
It was a tense final and I must confess to yelling and screaming a bit on the side lines.

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  1. Interesting re your detox Alex. I am also a raw foodist, a vegan, and have been following this diet for almost 2 years. One book I found very useful and informative is 'The Live Food Factor' by Susan E. Schenck. The library has it. Everyone is different, I found it is best to stay completely away from any 'non' foods. This way you never get the cravings. Hope it goes well! :)