Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Since I started doing market stalls people
are always asking 
" Do you make Cushions?"
I have always said 

Cushions to me have been something
I just did not want to do.
Also finding big enough pieces of blanket with no marks or stains is not always easy.

Earlier this year I made Master O a cushion.....................
 and much to
my surprise I enjoyed doing it.

So I ordered a load of books from the library on cushion making.
Studied up and here are some of my first efforts.

I did large Hydrangeas in different shades on recycled
cream blanket. 
The leaves are all sewing machined on.
The petals are all hand sewn on.
I have hand dyed all the felt myself.

With these cushions I did not do a zip opening.
They are decorative cushions and not designed to be washed.
They would really need to be sponged clean should they get
any marks on them.

I am now working on another range of cushions and these have zip openings.
I found this tutorial to be the absolute best for teaching me how to do a
perfect zip opening.

These cushions are now in my Felt store.


  1. Gosh there looks a lot of work in your cushions. I like the second one down best, with the lovely mixture of blues, pinks and lilac shades.

  2. Wow - these are great, and like the above comment, looks like lots of work! Love the last green and blue one!