Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Laptop Case

I had a lovely lady contact me from Boston 
through Etsy to ask me if I could make her
a laptop case using my fox pattern but adapting it to look 
like her dog which is a "Shiba Inu".
I looked up pictures of Shiba Inu Dogs
they are just beautiful.
Here is a picture of one here:

Here is the case

While I made this case I made another to sell that is slightly different in design.
This case is in my Etsy Store
It is designed to fit a

13 inch Macbook Air
13 inch macbook
13 inch Macbook pro
13 inch Laptops

The case measures approximately:
15 inches by 11 inches or 38cm by 28 cm

I am so enjoying doing the fox design.
I thought I would share some other pictures with you that
helped to inspire me.



  1. Love the fox and bright bold colours to boot :)

  2. I love your foxes, but the best bit (which I had somehow missed) is the foxy lining fabric. So cool.