Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Right Now I am Grateful for

The last few months have been busy to say the least so I thought I would do a right now post to give you a peak at life at Alex O:

* MR O was overseas for 3 weeks in April then back for a week then away for 3 weeks in May then back for a week then away for a week. He is now home for a while and its great to be a whole family again.
I am grateful for being together.

* In a crazy moment I agreed to get a puppy! Who is an absolute joy and he has now been a  part of our family for 6 weeks. But in those early days he had me up 3 times a night.  The last 6 weeks I have lived on 5-6 hours sleep a night. I will confess that I was very naive about all involved with having a puppy.
But for all the drama he is so worth it and he now sleeps through the night.
Right now I am so grateful for more than 6 hours sleep a night and this beautiful fellow in my life.

Here is Lucca

* I finally after years of being asked do you have a logo had a lovely logo designed to go on the bottom of my pixie bases. I am so grateful to have this off of my to do list.
* I was mad busy sewing in May. My sales were up 33% on the previous May so thank you to all my wonderful customers I am so grateful for you. Here are some designs that I worked on in the last few weeks.

* I am grateful for customer orders as they often get me sewing things that I had not thought of sewing
and they stretch and grow my creative process. Just like this order I did for a client who provided me with this orange and brown blanket which to be honest is not one I would usually choose but I love how the Hottie Covers have turned out.

* I am so grateful for my Happiness Project group, the ladies are all so supportive and encouraging and we are all getting so much out of the group.
Some things that have changed in my life:
I exercise more and because of it I feel great.
I am taking the time to appreciate people more and this is so fulfilling for all involved.
I have in the last few months managed to declutter my house (this is still a work in progress)
I am achieving 1 or 2 things a month on my to do list of things that I am forever putting off such as cleaning the oven, mulching the garden. I feel great when I achieve one of these things.
The list goes on of things I have tried, some successful and some not but it is a great process to think about "What makes you happy? and What does not make you happy?" and either bring these things into your life or getting rid of these things.
If you want to know more refer to Gretin Rubin here.

* I designed a new range of purses that I am loving making

So life is good and I am grateful for so many things.
What are you grateful for right now?


  1. What lovely makes. I really like the new leafy design. I can see why you have fallen in love with little Lucca. Sounds pretty much like life when you have a newborn.

    1. Thank you for the kind feedback and yes it is so like having a baby!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Alex..what with sorting, achieving, exercising and now more sleep it sounds like life is coming into balance. And then Lucca your wonderful bonus addition..SPCA posted a comment recently ' Whoever said money can't buy happiness, never bought a dog' ( near enough translation I hope) We to are dog and soon, I believe, to be Pixie crazy. Your efforts on my behalf were valiant :)

  4. Hi Jean
    Thank you. I agree with the SPCA quote. Lucca brings us so much happiness. I posted your Pixie this afternoon, I hope he brings you much pleasure.
    Alex O

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