Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Au revoir

Hello lovely blog post followers. I have not been here for nearly three years!
Every week I get messages from blog spot to say that new people have joined up to follow 
my blog which is really lovely.
I never made a conscious decision to stop posting it just happened.
 Life moves on and evolves and every month or so I would think I should post and it 
just never happened.

My house is now fully renovated which is wonderful.
My happiness group is still going and this is its 4th or maybe 5th I think year. 
Praise be to Gretchen Rubin and her book "The Happiness Project" 
for inspiring me to start this group.
I am still sewing and my designs are stocked in stores in both 
New Zealand and Australia 
which is just amazing to me. 
My little business is now in its 8th year.
I am sharing photos of some of the designs I have made in the past few years throughout his post.

Last year I went back part time to working outside of the home as I wanted to 
get out of the house more and mingle with people. 
This has proved to be a nice mix for me.

Master O is now 16 years old and taller than me and my lovely dog 
Lucca is about to turn four and Mr O is still putting up with me!

I have become a mad gym junkie and in the last 18 months I have completed 6 half marathons. 
I can honestly say that I never saw that coming about, but I am so grateful that it did.

This post is not to say good bye as I may one day come back to regular posting.
It is a post to let you know that if you want to know what is happening with me 
you can follow me on facebook. 
Here is the link.
You can also see all my designs online in my online store, 
I have added shipping costs for all around the world so wherever 
you are you can buy my designs. 
Here is my online store link.

In french Au revoir, literally means "to the seeing again".
I hope to be seeing you all again, I am not sure where life is taking me, 
I am still creating and sewing and I thank you all for wanting to follow my journey 
and for appreciating my creations.
My designs are evolving and changing just as I am so thank you
 from beginning part of the Adventures of Alex O journey.

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