Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Meryl Bunnies

In August last year my neighbour Meryl started to feel unwell with dizzy spells.
She went to the doctor and after several tests was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.
Meryl died 4 months later, the week before Christmas.
She bravely fought the cancer to the end.

Meryl was in her early 60's a Plunket Lady a Lay Preacher in her church, a very busy wonderful woman.
I find it hard to believe we will no longer be having cups of tea and talking over the fence.

In her spare time she loved to sew and she made her granddaughters beautiful dresses.
Meryl kindly left me all her fabric and I have used some of it to make these Easter bunnies that I have named after her.

Easter is a time of death and rebirth.
I know Meryl is up in heaven and will be looking down happily knowing that her fabric lives on in the birth of new creations.
God Bless you Meryl.
With Bunnies its starts with one

Then two...............

Then Three.....................

Then four......................and believe it or not I think there are even more to come!

Off to market we go.

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