Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creating a Little Person

People always ask me how the "Little People" are made.
So I have put together a photo diary for you on how to create a Little person.
For the clothes I buy 100% wool or wool blend felt in white or cream which I then hand dye myself.
I tend to dye small amounts of felt at a time so I get the colours I want. 
I use a number of dyes: Ashfords dyes, Dylon, Food Colouring, Tea Bags
all mixed with setting agents. 
On this day I was dying Greens and Reds for Mushroom Ladies.

Here are the naked little people bodies which I buy from " Winterwood" in Australia.

I then wrap the body in 100% wool Fleece

I then make fitted pants to go over the legs

I then make a fitted top

Then I make the dress

Last but not least I make the hair and hat which I glue to the head.
And now I draw on the face with permanent makers.
Some people prefer the dolls with out faces and for those I leave the faces off.
And so a Little Mushroom Person is born:


  1. Oh thanks so much for sharing Alex, cheers Marie

  2. Thanks for showing, this is super cute!
    I'm off to look at the rest of your blog now!

  3. so glad marie sent us your way!! your work is absolutely darling!!

  4. thanks for this tuto. i'm here via marie but i'll comme back : i love your little persons.

  5. I've just popped over from Marie's place to have a look at your little people and they are certainly worth looking at!! I love the mushroom ladies - the kids and I have had a go before but I think we put too much fleece around them and they were a bit chubby!!! Yours are more streamlined!

  6. Just found you through Marie's lovely blog. I've really enjoyed having a peek at your creativity! Your little people are adorable!Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words. They are very much appreciated.
    Alex O

  8. So cute, I love her little mushroom dress, great tutorial! ~April

  9. Gorgeous and thanks for sharing the tutorial. I love your owls too. (I came via Marie's blog). Best wishes :)

  10. another one via Marie's blog....your little ones are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the mushroom on her dress. I am so into red with white spots at the moment. Thanks for sharing ♥Jo