Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Monday, September 26, 2011


When I started this blog in February I said that I might start my sewing with a few Little People. 
However last year I made so many Little People for Master O's school fair plus I held a work shop over 3 nights to teach people how to make these lovely little people. 
As much fun as all that was I lost the joy of making these little ones. 

Last week the joy came back..............Yippee.
I sat down one night and Mrs Mushroom was born.
I sold her on Sunday to a lovely lady that had the stall next to me at Kraftbomb. 
Yesterday afternoon Mrs Mushroom was heading to Mt Mauganui to make her new home with a little girl there.

Mrs Mushroom
The two Autumn ladies (Mrs and Miss) came about when I visited 
"Ribbon and Rose" in Ellerslie ,
Liz who works there just had to show me through all there hundreds of threads.
I fell in love with these Autumn colours. 
I used some of my vintage lace collection that my mother in law had sent me from 
Ireland to decorate there hats and dresses.
On Saturday I had a little photo shoot for the Ladies.
Miss Autumn
Mrs Autumn

Ladies Day Out

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