Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Break

As a family we just took a six day holiday
visiting my parents in the Bay of Plenty.
We had a most relaxing time.
I squeezed in one market, the "Little Big Market"
at Mt Maunganui which is on the first Saturday of each month.
It was a great market and I had a wonderful day with my friend
Lizzy from Ellaquaint who also had a stall.

The organisers of the market wanted every stall to have some flowers.
I found this beautiful plant that I felt was just perfect.

Some time for Rugby Practise on the beach

Some time for Hurling on the Beach
(Here's a link that tells you about hurling if you have never heard of it)

And of course some time for a little sewing .
I had made more framed art works and they sold  at the market which is just wonderful.
So I made a few more while away.

All packaged up ready for my next market.

Well I must go Yoga awaits.............................

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  1. Great, always nice to get away for a while. cheers Marie