Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our changing Food Style

This week my sister came to visit.
I made her a bog standard cup of tea but when it came to adding milk I only had 
Soy Milk, Almond Milk or Oat Milk in the house 
(We are now a Dairy Milk Free household). 
Luckily I had a yummy gluten free cup cake to make up for her cup of tea. 

My sister's visit made me realise just how much my families food style has 
changed in the last three years.
We have been on this journey doing Vegetarian Cooking classes, 
Vegan Cooking Classes, Raw Food classes, 
even a three month online Whole Food course. 

We are now 95% meat free, we make our own muesli and yogurt. 
We eat Sour dough or fermented breads. 
We try to be gluten free.
We eat alot of fruit, vegetables and nuts.

This weekend I went on a wonderful
with three of my girlfriends.
(I can highly recommend this course)
I have been big in the last few years on smoothies but not so much on juicing.
So among other things we learnt all about juicing.
We were told to ease ourselves into juicing as it can be a bit like detoxing.

This morning I jumped out of bed and I juiced:
Beetroot, Carrots, Apples, Silver beet, Ginger Root and added Acai Berry powder.
We three all had a glass each, it was yummy.
I waited for my energy boost.
But all I got was a headache so did Mr O.
I was so surprised.

I thought we eat healthy so we can start off with a glass a day.
But no I think we need to start off with half a glass a day,
and work our way up from there. 
Our bodies are filled with more baddies than I thought!

So today at Kraftbomb I had a nasty headache.
But even with the nasty headache I had a lovely day.
I met some great people and almost sold out of Hot water Bottle Covers which was wonderful.

Next Sunday I will be at the Devonport Craft Market and I will have 
had a week of starting my day with vegetable juice's.
So look out I should be full of energy.

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