Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 2013

Hello and Happy New Year.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 
I sure did.
My baby sister that lives in Abu Dhabi with her family came home
for Christmas.
For the first time in two years we had all my family together.
It was a very special time.

I have since been away at the beach.
I put all my sewing tools down on the 18th of December
and I have not picked them up yet.

I love this time of year.
I get to relax and think about all the things I want to 
achieve and create
this year.

I get to spend holiday time with my boys.
We came home a few days ago and we have been working 
on some projects around the house.
I will show you some pictures once they are finished.

Just before Christmas I had a crafty dinner with 4 close 
crafty friends.
They are all friends I made in 2012.
These girls are a wonderful support to me.
We discuss all aspects of our businesses
and often give each other 
great advice, 
a shoulder to cry on in bad times 
and a great laugh in good times.
Alice, Renee, Emma and Lizzie thank you
for coming into my life in 2012.

At our dinner we had a secret Santa, 
we each had to make
one of the others a Christmas present.
I got the lovely Lizzie who
has a business called

Lizzie paints beautiful birds and animals in
So I made Lizzie a huge pencil case with a Lovebird out for a stroll on the front
 in which to keep all her supplies.

Once I get my act together I will show you the wonderful present that I received.

PS: Other great news :
Mr O and I bought a wonderful camera in the Boxing Day Sales 
So 2013 should be the year of the greatly improved photo's soon as I figure out how to work
this lovely Canon.

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