Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Friday, March 20, 2015


This is quiet a hard blog post to write but I will do my best.

I started University
 I was up every morning at 6m organising my life, Master O's life and my house.
I would drop Master O at school and go straight to University.
I would study and attend lectures till it was time to collect Master O and then we would go to 
maths tuition, swimming, basketball, cricket practise.
Rush home to do dinner, homework,  the night time routine 
and I would then study again till 10.30pm.

I found myself talking about getting a house cleaner, 
I was looking at school holiday programmes for Master O, 
I was thinking of ways to get out of weekend family events so I could study.
My wonderful husband was helping as much as he could but he was also away with work
on some occasion's.

I found myself withdrawing from my family.
When I was home I was not really present as I was all in my head. 
Thinking about all the things I had learnt and all the things I needed to learn.
In 3 weeks of University I had 3 migraines , which is an all time record for me.

I sat down one night and had a family meeting with my boys.
Master O said "I did not seem as happy as I normally was".
Mr O who has been nothing but supportive when I asked him to be honest with me said 
"That he felt the University had stolen me and he wanted me back".

I realised that I wanted my family life back too.
So I withdrew from University as I realised that now is not the time for me to do this.
I may go back next semester and do a paper or two at a time if that is do able with
our life style.

So suddenly I am plan less but I am okay with that as I know it was the right decision for now.

The day after I withdrew I had two new shops email asking me if they could stock my designs.
So for now I am back in my sewing room and I must confess after weeks of not sewing 
I am happy to be back amongst all my felt.

I am leaving you with a quote from Gretchen Rubin that resonated with me.

To be happy:
"I need to know myself, accept myself and build a life on the foundation of my nature"

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  1. Following what feels right in your heart is always the way to go. Good luck with the next part of your adventure. Lisa. Xx