Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mistletoe Pixies

 I ordered from "Winterwood" in Australia some Pixie Bases in late August. 
They took a month to come as they were out of stock but once they came I was over joyed.
This week I started with Mistletoe Pixies.

Here is what the base looks like:

I had planned to take some lovely pictures of them in the garden but unfortunately it has 
rained the last few days.
  The Pixies are all off to market this weekend so I had to take pictures of 
them in the sewing room before they hopefully find new homes.

Red and Purple Shade Pixies

Blue/ Green/ Mandarin and Cream Shade Pixies
The whole Mistletoe Pixie Family
I just added this picture because I liked it.  
These little Mistletoe Pixies can stand on there own or they have a string loop attached to there hats so that they can hang from a tree.

Three years ago we started the tradition of the Handmade Christmas Tree in our home.
Everything that goes on our Christmas Tree (apart from the lights) 
has to be handmade............................not all by me..........thankfully.

We do 24 Advent bags and each day leading up to Christmas Master O opens a bag with a new decoration inside.

 I will tell you more about this at the beginning of November
(once school holidays are over)
You might want to join us and start your own hand made Christmas Tree.


  1. Hi, Great to see you at the market again today - I just LOVE your mistletoe pixies, they are so adorable. Hope you had a good day. See you next month, Lisa x