Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter in Autumn Tree

On Friday I finished all the birds for the Easter in Autumn Tree.
The little bird design I adapted from an online hen pattern by Martha Stewart.
Here is the link:

I hung these little birds on a tree made of Magnolia Twigs.
The base of the tree is a plastic rice container that I have covered 
with the arm of an old wool jumper that I had felted.
(The best way I have found for felting jumpers or blankets is to put them in the 
washing machine on a hot wash with the water level at low or medium height.
You don't want not too much water but  just enough for some good agitation to go on.
Use soap chips and place one or two tennis balls in the wash.
Once washed dry in a dryer if possible on high heat).

The tree is now in the craft shop at Master O's school called SNAPDRAGON.

Today we had the first day of our Easter Market at "Snapdragon" and the little 
birds started flying out the door .

.But more popular were my festive hearts so this evening I made a few more. 

I am starting to get very excited about Easter.

Master O and I plan to do our Easter Tree on Wednesday after school.
Once it is done I will post you some pictures.

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