Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


For a long time now I have wanted to try my hand at making Purses. 
This is something I have kept putting off.
Mater O is on a three day Basketball course so I have taken this time to learn how to sew in a zip.
I can honestly confess I don't think I have ever done this before.
Whenever my mother (who is a brilliant sewer) used to try to teach me to sew she used to end up throwing her arms in the air and walking away.
I was not a very good listener back then.................I hope I have improved .

So armed with two online tutorials the best of which I thought was the one here on my friend at
Big Little's blog.
(Just remember to have the zip starting on the left hand side of the purse)
I will confess I started to sew the zip in the wrong way and I did break a sewing needle but I got there in the end..................yippee!

Here are my efforts 
for you to see:
(All made with recycled blankets, wool felt and 100% cotton lining) 

Bunnie Purse or Pencil Case

Whale and Scottie Dog Purse or Pencil Cases

This Purse I needle felted on the front and back

They are all lined with beautiful fabrics that I have been collecting

What do you think ?


  1. Oh I think they are just delightful, love the ones with the same theme as your hottie covers, love the little needle felted embellishments.
    One smart package Alex, nicely lined, a joy. these will sell well, cheers Marie

  2. I think they're gorgeous. Hard to pick a favourite - maybe the last one with the beautiful trailing flowers/leaves? And don't you just love learning a new trick?!

  3. i think they are all welcome in my home!! adorable

  4. Very cute - and you first try at a zip? Very impressive, clearly a fast learner:) Cyndy

  5. Your purses are beautiful! As I scrolled down I tried to judge my favourite, but in fact I love them all!

  6. These are absolutely adorable! I love them! I am practicing real hard to accomplish the finesse you already have :) Nice Job!