Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Thursday, May 5, 2011


My friend had a baby girl called Betsy so I decided to make her a little pink Elephant.
To celebrate her arrival.

This inspired me to make a couple more to put in Snapdragon.

The elephants are made from felt that I dye myself.
Depending on what colours I want I either use Ashfords Dyes:

or I use food colouring mixed with soap, white vinegar and hot water.
The vintage lace on the ears was a present from my mother in-law in Ireland who cleaned out her sewing cupboard and sent me lots of wonderful bits and pieces.

I also found an old picture of an Elephant I made several years ago
and I have had some greeting cards made up using this picture.

The cards should arrive any day now so I will put them in Snapdragon too.

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  1. They are just delightful, love the lace on the ears. cheers Marie