Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Master O's Pencil Case

Master O went back to school last week.
He needed a new pencil case, so of course I said I would make him one.
When I asked what he wanted on the front of it he said a "BAT".
I found it very hard to get excited about appliqueing a black bat.
So I said lets go online and see if we can find any other animals that you love.
We found MR FOX.

I lined the inside with a new beautiful orange blanket that I had just found.
Master O was very happy.

Mr FOX has lead to a whole new range of purses and Hot Water Bottle covers with this design.
We even now have MR WOLF.


The Mr Wolf purse is lined with Little Red Riding Hood fabric.


  1. Love the Red Ridinghood fabric! I might have a bit too.

  2. Love the fox! and that red riding hood fabric is tooo sweet to be hidden!

  3. Love the foxes they are super cute

  4. Hey Alex, Mr. Fox is just too darn cute.......not surprised you've done a whole range of things with this design.
    Mr. Wolf is looking pretty good too,

    Claire :}

  5. Soooooo cute.... foxes are so cool and I love the riding hood fabric!