Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love Notes

I read a lovely blog the other day about a mother who everyday put a note in her child's lunch box.
Her little girl loved these notes. 
Every night her husband would take the notes out of the lunchbox and place them in a glass jar on the window ledge for safe keeping.
Sometimes when the mother was running late in the mornings she would recycle a note. 
Her daughter found this very funny.

So  I decided to put a note in Master O's lunch box. 
It was very simple it just said :
"Dear Master O, Have a great day . Love Mum." 
(I did not want to embarrass my eight year old boy in front of his friends).
That night Master O said Mum you sent me a note.
Yes I said all excited.  
"What did you think?"
His answer:
"It was disgusting"
"Oh" I said.

The next day I did not send him a note and that night at dinner he told me off for not putting a note in his lunch box.
So now Mr O and I are taking it in turns to send our boy notes.

To my boy who still wears flowers in his hair and secretly likes love notes.

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