Adventures of Alex O & Co

Adventures of Alex O & Co
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Steiner Spiral of Light

As the days grow noticeably shorter, and the frosty winter nights approach their longest, we all begin to yearn for the light, which so recently illuminated our lives. 

To symbolize this yearning, each June, Master O's class participate in a Spiral of Light. 

In his classroom, a path is laid out of green foliage and flowers. Moss, crystals, and shells are placed on the greenery. A single candle in the center of the spiral lights the room. Soft music sets the mood that brings the children into the room to sit on the chairs surrounding the Spiral. One at a time, the children walk the spiral. As each child approaches the entrance of the spiral they pick up a white candle in a shiny red apple, which is carried to the center of the spiral. They light their own candle from the center candle and then return outward. On the journey back they place their candle and apple beside the spiral foliage. When all the children have walked the path, the whole spiral is aglow with lights. The music softly continues as the children quietly leave the room. Finally, the apples and candles are gathered and given to the children at the end of the day as a present to take home.

For the past few years I have gone into Master O's school on a Sunday to help create the spiral with other parents. This year Mr O went and had a lovely time creating the spiral and taking beautiful pictures.

Today for the first time I sat in as the children walked the spiral. I even had the pleasure of walking the spiral. The children sang beautiful songs and played musical instruments such as the violin, the piano, the cello, and the flute. They are all 7 and 8 year old's with such great talent.

The entrance way into the classroom
The candles in the apples
Setting up the spiral

The centre table
The centre table
The Spiral at the end.

 It was a truly moving experience.


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